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Russell Read has been serving clients for more than 35 years both as a lawyer and a counselor.  He has aggressively represented clients and supported those who wish to help themselves. 

As part of his commitment to service, he wrote SHOULDN'T YOU BE A HEALER in 1986.  The title was derived from a speech by Justice Warren Burger to the American Bar Association in which he suggested that lawyers should be healers, not simply hired guns.   SHOULDN'T YOU BE A HEALER  is a self-help book for both clients and lawyers. 


Agreement on available goals is paramount to the quality of service.
A goal is available if:
You have the time in your life to get there.
You have the knowledge to get there.
You have the vehicle to get there.
You have the energy to get there.
You are willing to do everything
you must do to get there,
whether or not you
like what you
must do.


It's not what happens that determines the quality of living,
it's what you do or don't do with it.

Your willingness to see events as opportunities
to grow more alive makes all the difference.

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